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Packing Supplies

A large variety of packing accessories is available from all Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage facilities to maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage.

To save you money – our prices are amongst the lowest around!

(Prices quoted are subject to change without notice)

Call in to one of our self storage locations in Newcastle or Port Macquarie.

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Item Price (each) Bulk
Book and wine cartons $3.50 $30.00 (10pk)
Tea chest cartons $6.00 $50.00 (10pk)
Archive cartons $4.00 $35.00 (10pk)
Picture/Mirror Cartons $6.00
Porta-Robes (for hanging clothes) $17.50
Mini Porta-Robes $11.00
Storage Bags $3.50
Tape $4.00
Tape – fragile $5.00
Tape – dispensers $18.50
Bubble wrap (per linear metre) $3.00
Unprinted wrapping paper $10.00

(2.5kg bundles)

Mattress protectors in all sizes $3.00 to $6.00
Sofa/lounge protectors $2.00 to $5.00
Dining chair covers $2.00
Insertion locks $30.00
Gloves $4.00
Tarpaulins $5.00
Stanley knives $2.00
Marking pens $2.50
Tie downs (4 metre) $7.00
Tie downs (8 metre) $13.50
Shelving on request
Torches $10.00
Scissors $5.00
Glassware protectors (8pk) $2.50


Storage Boxes and Archive Cartons

Storage Boxes and Archive Cartons are available in a range of sizes.

All general packing supplies

Packing supplies for self storage removals

Packing Cartons, Tape…

packing supplies available at every facility

Robe Cartons

Removal cartons robes

Tape Dispensers


Small Dispenser



Fragile Labelling

Fragile Labelling

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