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LW Hodgins Removals | Newcastle Self Storage RemovalistsLW Hodgins Removals

L.W. Hodgins Removalists Newcastle is owned and operated by Novocastrian Luke William Hodgins. Luke and his dedicated team have been servicing the Newcastle Area and the Hunter Valley Area since 2002. L.W. Hodgins Removalists Newcastle is based on honest, professional and reliable removalist services. Whether you and your family are moving around the corner or interstate, L.W. Hodgins Removalists Newcastle can assist in you in all of your removal needs.

Creative Property

Creative Property

So, you’ve decided to sell your home and want to make sure that it sells quickly and for a premium price……..

Decluttering your home before going to the market is quite beneficial for its overall appearance. This translates into the financial aspect of your home sale- it can prove difficult, especially if you’ve managed to accumulate so many things over the years, it will certainly pay off.

Here are some benefits of decluttering your home before selling:

1. The rooms will actually seem bigger – Clutter makes your home feel smaller. If there’s too much stuff in the one place, that will alter the perception of most prospective purchasers. If you have too much furniture, popping some into storage during the marketing campaign would worthwhile.

2. Decluttering means less distraction – Let’s face it, clutter can be quite distracting. Decluttering your home before selling can be a chance for you to eliminate all those distractions. Also, when most buyers are touring a home, they can be easily distracted by things like personal items such as family photos so it’s best to remove these items so that they can imagine/visualise their future in the home.

3. Decluttering makes staging the home easier – There’s no doubt about it, property staging has proven to be a very effective way to help properties stand out from the crowd and it is much easier for the staging specialists to come in and work their magic if the home has been left with just the bare minimum.

If you need some tips and ideas on ways to improve the value of your home give us a call – we’d be happy to call in and give you some tips and answer any of your questions – give us a call on 4955 6900.

Australian Partners of Defence APOD | Newcastle

Australian Partners of Defence (APOD)

A few years ago, two Australian Defence Force wives whose husbands were deployed, found that amongst the myriad of discount programs available, there was nothing exclusively for military personnel and their families. With the belief that serving your country should have its rewards, they set out to change this for the Australian defence community.

A year later, Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) was launched. Since then, APOD has grown into the largest defence discount program in Australia, with over 25,000 members and 10,000 discounts sourced in 6 years of operation.

Importantly, we’re not here to make money off members. In addition to being self funded, a portion of every membership fee is donated to our partner charities Mates4Mates and Legacy to help support defence families in need. Any profits made by APOD are used to improve the program to provide greater benefit to our members.

A Good Sort | Newcastle Self Storage and Organisation

A Good Sort

Property Styling

From helping you move house to making it attractive to buyers, A Good Sort will be with you all the way. We also help home owners and family members with storage and organisation of deceased estates.


By helping you de-clutter and tidy we can create simpler, stress free living spaces in your home, including functional storage solutions suited to your specific needs.