Packing Supplies

A large variety of packing supplies is available from all Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage facilities to maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage. To save you money – our prices are amongst the lowest around! (Prices quoted are subject to change without notice)

Call in to one of our self storage locations in Newcastle or Port Macquarie. Find a Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage facility near you.

Product Range

24. packing supplies - book_wine carton 25. packing supplies - tea chest carton 35. packing supplies - archive carton

Book & Wine Cartons

431(H) x 298(W) x 406(D)

Tea Chest Cartons

602(H) x 406(W) x 431(D)

Archive Cartons

260(H) x 390(W) x 306(D)

34. packing supplies - mirror carton 33. packing supplies - port a robe 32. packing supplies - mini port a robe

Picture/Mirror Cartons

790(H) x 1050(W) x 80(D)

Porta-Robes (for hanging clothes)

1125(H) x 601(W) x 480(D)

Mini Porta-Robes

770(H) x 605(W) x 480(D)

23. packing supplies -storage bags 21. packing supplies - tape 20. packing supplies - fragile tape

Storage Bags




Tape – fragile


2. packing supplies - tape dispenser 19. packing supplies - bubble wrap 22. packing supplies - wrapping paper

Tape – dispensers


Bubble wrap (per linear metre)


Unprinted wrapping paper


covers covers3 covers2

Mattress protectors in all sizes


Sofa/lounge protectors


Dining chair covers


26. packing supplies - glass protectors 29. packing supplies - gloves 27. packing supplies - utility knives

Glassware protectors (8pk)




Stanley Knives


P1010138 P1010141 P1010140

Tie downs (4 metre)


Tie downs (6 metre)


Tie downs (8 metre)


30. packing supplies -marking pens

Marking Pens