University Storage

Secure Self-Storage Solution for Students

You’re looking forward to your Uni break…But what are you going to do with all your gear? You can’t leave it at Uni and you don’t want to take it home.

The simplest solution is to store it at Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage. Students from all over the world take advantage of our safe, dry and convenient facilities.

Some store vehicles, some books & linen – anything they don’t want to take home. We have a range of sizes available and you can save money by teaming up with your fellow students and store together.

We can even transport your gear to our storage facility for FREE!!!*

*Conditions for transport apply and facilities may vary from year to year.

You’ll only pay for what you need as our policy is to refund all unused rent once you give your two weeks notice! Call us on 1300SAFENSOUND (1300 723 367) to secure a unit. Don’t miss out!