Avoid Storage Traps

The 9 Things You Need to Know About Self Storage

Listed below are 9 things you need to know before you store:

1. Security
Don’t assume that storage facilities are all the same wherever you go.
Ensure the facility you choose has a good security record (ask if there have been any break ins) and adequate fire protection. What are the premises built of? Is there a manager on site 24 hours? Are units individually alarmed, and are there adequate back up security features.

2. Protection of your goods
Are your possessions being stored in a clean, dry, insulated and well ventilated space.
This can be just as important as security. Check for a pest control program that is adhered to strictly, ventilation and insurance. Ensure you have your own private storage space.

3. Access to your goods
Can you access your goods anytime with no charges for accessing your space.
It is common for some storage companies to charge you every time you need access to your goods. Some companies offer 24 hour access but don’t have the security to back it up. This can mean anyone can access a unit. Check how often that you are able to get at your goods. Can you get to your unit easily?

4. Variety of sized units
Are there a wide range of different unit sizes available?
Only pay for the space you need. Are storage providers recommending a certain size and space because that’s what’s best for you, or because that’s the only size they have available?

5. Individual private space
Ensure that your unit is your own private space and that no one else has access to it or can see into it.
Check the type of locking system they offer, and that you are the only holder of the keys. It is important that your possessions are stored in your own individual unit. Storing in a warehouse type situation creates a lot of problems of ownership of goods and also can create a massive fire risk.

6. Credibility
Self storage customers should choose an SSAA Member for their own benefit.
The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) aims to raise the standard of the Self Storage Industry through education, communication and representation. The central ideals that govern SSAA Members are to always operate in a fair, honest and ethical manner. You will have far less hassles dealing with a reputable company that is a member of the Self Storage Association.

7. Price
Price is important, because you get what you pay for.
There is a very large range of different types of storage and not all facilities offer the same standard. Make sure that you go and visit the different storage facilities to see what you pay for. Look for signs of leakage, rodents and pests and check the overall construction.

8. Added Value
What other services are available to assist you with storing your possessions?
Some storage providers are also able to assist you with the transport of your goods by recommending removal firms, providing you with a complimentary truck or trailer.

9. Professionalism
Ensure that you use a professional storage facility.
Often storage facilities are run as a secondary business and are treated as such in the care and attention you will receive. Make sure you visit the facility before deciding to store there. Take a look around the premises. Remember if it seems dodgy it probably is! Also consider office and access hours. Can you get to someone if you need to make changes to your space or have any queries. Often storage companies are closed on weekends and managers can be hard to reach even on weekdays. This creates problems of security and access for you if you want to get at your goods.