The Best Reasons to Use Self Storage for Your Business

Safe n SOUND Self Storage's Reasons on how to Use Self Storage for Business

People typically associate self-storage units as belonging or being rented by those people who are moving house or that have too many things. However, Safe n SOUND Self Storage believes that self storage units present a great number of benefits, especially to businesses. Here are the top reasons you should use a storage unit for your business:

Using a storage unit frees up space in your office

Aside from the benefit of having a clean office space, storing your stock overflow or unused furniture can free up valuable and productive space within your office. This allows you to hire new staff, reconfigure your existing office plan layout or generally change things up.

Storage units allow you to take advantage of bulk buys

Tax season is a good time to understand the benefits of self-storage. This is a time where many manufacturers and wholesalers start pushing discontinued lines and or end-of-life products out to the distributors or retailers at a discount. With self-storage units, you can take advantage of the specials and have them delivered to your unit directly with the added advantage of not having the excess stock clutter your office or workspace. This strategy comes with the added bonus of being able to claim the “tax” shortly after spending it. Great Idea!

Storage units are secure and alarmed

Increase your peace of mind with Safe n SOUND Self Storage alarmed storage spaces. Not only is each one individually alarmed but they are the perfect place to store high-value business items that cannot be replaced and are subject to possibly being stolen from your office. Storage units are a great place to store off-site backups, tax records and sensitive payroll information hard copies.

Storage units come in different sizes

Safe n SOUND Self Storage can supply your business with units in a variety of sizes, which means that as your needs change, you can either take additional smaller space for a month or two or upsize or downsize as required. The other advantage is that our storage spaces are leased on a short term basis which means that you will only be charged month to month. Additionally, with our prorated rental guarantee, you will only ever pay for the time you have used. Best of all no lock-in contracts!

Storage units are accessible at all times

Best of all, your storage unit is available to you and your staff outside of office hours, making it a 365 day a year proposition! If you are running your small business or need access to critical parts and components year round, you won’t have any trouble getting to them.

Value for Money

Overall, Safe n SOUND Self Storage units are generally cheaper per meter than your office rental. So, it makes sense to use our space rather than your retail stockroom or showroom floor – these should be used to entice customers to buy from your business and not as storage.

Safe n SOUND Self Storage offers great cost-competitive storage solutions that are simple and convenient for businesses to use. If you are ready to optimise your office space or are looking for a viable alternative to expanding your office, give us a call today and see how Safe n SOUND Self Storage can help your business grow.