Document Self-Storage Solutions

Self storage is proving to be an efficient, easy way of accessing your archived records.

Document / Record archiving can suit any business with a need or legal requirement to hold documents or records for specific periods of time.

With some professions legally requiring records to be kept for over 20 years, investing in a self storage space can mean freeing valuable office space and securing your records.

Self storage archiving is particularly popular with the following fields:

  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Doctors
  • Health care firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Sales Industries
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Pathology

Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage can offer you a space with full access control over your own documents or records, or alternatively, a retrieval service offering same day retrievals.

If you are planning on archiving large volumes of files in self storage, you will probably opt to use a removal service rather than do it yourself. Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage’s friendly staff can provide you with contact details of removalists experience in this field.

We provide archiving units with or without shelving. Shelving enables maximum use of the storage area, and easy access to the location of your files.

Our units are fitted with their own individual alarm, a solid insulated roof, wide doorways for easy access, a unique locking system and are clean and pest controlled, all at great prices.

Heavy duty archive boxes are available at all Safe ‘n’ SOUND Self Storage facilities. We recommend the use of our specifically designed archive boxes. The boxes are designed so the base cannot fall out and the lids are attached permanently to the box.

Advantage of Storage Units for Your Documents or Records

By storing your documents or records in a self storage unit, you have full control of the unit and keys and you can nominate your staff whom you wish to have access.

Your unit can be accessed seven days a week, 365 days a year. By having free access to your unit, your retrieval charges are NIL.